Lost little girl (living_dead_grl) wrote,
Lost little girl

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Have I ever said how much I love my job?

I love it when my boss changes the schedule around without my knowledge. She told me last week that the schedule for this week is the final schedule, and she had me on there for a 3-8 shift today. I hadn't checked it since then, so I figured it was right. It was wrong. I was supposed to come in at 10:00am this morning. Yeah, thanx Dyana for calling me and letting me know, beeeotch. What's funny is I normally check the schedule periodically during the week, and it just so happens the only time I don't, this happens. It's not to bad though, cos I still get to come in at 3:00 and I think I get off at 7, but it's the principle of the thing. If I had known about my having to open, I would've been able to get off work earlier. Eicheeevato!
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