Lost little girl (living_dead_grl) wrote,
Lost little girl

Fun filming night pics 7/22...there's a lot of them

Pete's getting ready

The director(Joseph) speaks his mind

Me getting a caffeine rush before a long night of filming

Joseph getting his caffeine fix

Pete in character

Joseph trying to kill me(he does have a knife that you can't see)

The American psycho pose(Yeah, we're dorks)


Pete's hands behind Joseph while he's trying to film

Joseph in front of an old house in Old Towne Clovis

Pete, the camera whore

My favorite dolly and me

Another one

Pete's trying to kill Lenore. =(

Pete hurt Lenore

But I made it up to her

Pete and I. God that's too close

Joseph's signature "gay faces"

Someone's got Spidey skills

Look i'm Russian...or something

This one needs no explanation

Pete anticipating filming. He's gonna get blood all over his face later

I'm a big baby

The morning after filming. "Look at how messy Pete's hair is." Hehehe
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