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Happy 4th of July everybody!

I got to see fireworks early last night at Don Pedro lake near Merced with Rob and his family. It was so much fun, and so peaceful to get away from the city, and to think I almost didn't end up going because of work. Thank you for taking me up there, sweetie. =)
I'm so glad I didn't let work take over...well last night anyway. I've been working everyday this Independence day weekend, and it's still not over. So those of you who had this weekend off, you don't know just how lucky you are. I've been having to go to bed early every night, and those of you who know me wll enough, I am a night person. Oh wel c'est la vie. It's moolah. Anyhoo, we still don't know what the plan is for tonight. All I know is we don't have any fireworks yet. =( We'll see what happens.

My Best Friend is bonedaddy
Our 13 common interests are: bats, candy corn, dragons, eddie izzard, halloween, marilyn manson, nightmare before christmas, roman dirge, sleeping, tarot, the crow, vampires, vincent price
Who is your best friend?
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